Real estate Bitcoin

The demand for real estate in Dubai is growing. Allowing people to buy real estate with bitcoin makes the purchasing process convenient for them. Having this option gives those real estate companies an edge in the market. Let’s get into details and explain how you can buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai. 

Bitcoin and real estate are considered as some of the valuable investment options by the people. Each has different characteristics and offers different experiences as an investment tool. The diverse features make them usable in various scenarios. The important part is that you can buy one with another, such as buying real estate with Bitcoin. The direct value transfer from one to another lowers the transaction costs that may incur if you do it otherwise. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is managed in a decentralized way with the help of numerous nodes. Satoshi Nakamoto established Bitcoin in 2009, and now it is a widely known and accepted cryptocurrency around the world. Many companies, businesses, and firms use bitcoin for payments, investment, or other purposes. For example, MicroStrategy increases its Bitcoin holdings to fight against inflation and benefit from the store of the value property. Even some countries and states such as El Salvador have joined the list. They made Bitcoin the legal tender in the country, and millions began to use it as a payment medium. 

All these milestones for Bitcoin brought trust and reliability to the cryptocurrencies in total. The value and the technology that Bitcoin delivers are unlike any previous technologies. The originality made it stand out from other innovations in history. The high trading volume is the obvious example of this. Bitcoin is always on the top 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest trading volume. Multiple times Bitcoin has passed a $1 trillion market cap. At the same time, Bitcoin is the principal cryptocurrency with 42% of market dominance in the market. 

Buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai at ATOZ Globe

It is not possible to buy real estate with cryptocurrency in all countries and cities in the world. Among the cities in which individuals can buy real estate with bitcoin is Dubai. Dubai is well known for its luxury apartments which are for residential and also commercial usages. In the emergence of cryptocurrencies, ATOZ Globe allows you to buy real estate with bitcoin in Dubai fast and securely. 

Buying real estate with bitcoin cryptocurrency in Dubai is not an issue anymore for anyone who wants to use cryptocurrencies. For many customers, buying bitcoin is easier than buying via traditional methods such as banks which charge you commissions, and it takes lots of time to do the paperwork. By using bitcoin, you avoid those responsibilities, and ATOZ helps you realize your dream of buying real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai. 

ATOZ is a registered company that enables you to buy real estate with bitcoin in Dubai, UAE. The company facilitates the buying process of real estate by offering straightforward procedures that anyone can benefit from. The most advanced payment method, Bitcoin, has become functional with the help of ATOZ in Dubai. 

Just in 3 steps, anyone can buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai:

  1. Choose the real estate that you want to buy with Bitcoin. There are many residential and commercial buildings in Dubai, and it is easy to find the one that fits your requirements. 
  2. Pay with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you have decided which real estate you want to buy with Bitcoin, then it is time to transfer bitcoins. ATOZ ensures you buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai. 
  3. Own the real estate in Dubai. After paying with bitcoin, ATOZ will provide you with the ownership of the real estate. 

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Real Estate With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has evolved as a valuable payment method over the years. Given the benefits of using Bitcoin for goods and services, it is preferred by many people who have an interest in using cryptocurrencies. This trend has passed to people who even do not have an understanding of bitcoin, and its advantages make it beneficial to use. Here are some benefits if you hesitate to buy real estate with bitcoin: 

  1. Instant payment

Paying for real estate with Bitcoin lowers the time needed for transferring money from your account to the real estate company. Usually, transaction time for Bitcoin is around 10 minutes which is required for block validation. 

  1. Insignificant fees

Even though the value of the real estate is measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in most cases, you can simply send bitcoin to the real estate owner just in minutes with significantly less fee than traditional payment methods. Transaction fees do not change for local or global transactions. You can send Bitcoin to anyone any amount of Bitcoin on 7/24. 

  1. Secure transactions 

The high network security of Bitcoin made fraudulent activities hard to execute. Bitcoin is not physical, and thieves can’t steal your bitcoins. Even if they steal your cold wallet, they cannot access your bitcoins unless they know your private key. It is the case for hackers too. It is almost impossible to play around with the digital ledger, which is known as the blockchain, and steal the bitcoins from your wallet. 

  1. Highly accessible

In some distant regions of the world, traditional banking does not operate. However, it is not the case with Bitcoin. Nowadays, internet connection is almost anywhere, and anyone has a smartphone for daily use. That’s why bitcoin turns out to be more accessible for people living anywhere on earth. 

If we sum up, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have proved themselves over the years as a valid transaction method for goods and services. Bitcoin is considered the future of the payment system, and the best part is that you can use it now. Now it is available to buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai. ATOZ allows you to buy real estate in Dubai with the straightforward payment method, which is Bitcoin.